The Big Idea

Cyber security solutions and middleware to protect devices, networks that prevent hacking are astronomically expensive for mid to large enterprises. With ever increasing attacks and the commercialization of hackers, security teams are stretched to breaking point trying to deal with, and understand evolving threats.

Current cyber security strategies are failing, a more systematic and consistent approach to defending data, dollars and important infrastructure needs to found. With the vast majority of attacks targeting known weakness in devices and applications, the time has come to deliver products that are secure from concept to delivery. We are at the dawn of self-protecting, self-isolating and self-reporting devices that have the potential to not only disrupt the hackers but also the middleware security suppliers.

The future is security embedded in devices and applications from concept through to delivery.

Key Themes

Looking at the failure and future of cyber security
Understanding evolving threats & security by design
Examining Security by Design: securing entry points across the organisation
Discovering how proactive security architecture can change the game & secure the future
Creating risk management strategies for connected to & it networks
Moving beyond legacy endpoint security technology