Day One Wednesday 11 September

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Kevin Noonan
Member, Corporate Audit and Risk Committee
Comcare & Seacare

why secure by design
Australian keynote - the current state of play in cyber security
  • Looking at the Australian cyber security industry
  • Identifying current risks for consumers, organizations and countries
  • Highlighting the need to change the scale of control
  • Exploring the role and responsibilities of each player

Michelle Price
Chief Executive Officer

International keynote – identifying the need for Secure by Design
  • How to work with industry, governments and international partners to address the challenges of insecure consumer safety
  • Advocating a fundamental shift in approach to moving the burden away from consumers having to secure their devices and instead ensure strong cyber security is built into consumer products
  • Securing confidentiality, integrity and availability from the start

Carlos Valderrama
SOC Service Manager EMEA / IoT Security Expert
Proficio / European Union Agency for Network and Information Security

Keynote panel discussion – Is there a dangerous gap between the speed of digitization and the understanding of security and potential threats?
  • If no; what are you doing here?
  • If yes; what is the role of government, vendors and consumers?



Matt Tett
Chair Cybersecurity & Network Resilience Workstream
IoT Alliance Australia


Vi Le
Stakeholder Engagement Manager 
Standards Australia

Carlos Valderrama
SOC Service Manager EMEA / IoT Security Expert
Proficio / European Union Agency for Network and Information Security

Jacqui Nelson
Chief Executive Officer
Dekko Secure

Priya George
CEO & Security Evangelist
NIMIS Cybersecurity
Morning tea break
Getting proactive
Partner presentation
Implementing Secure by Design - getting proactive and make it happen
  • Analyzing evolving vulnerability to better predict threats
  • Where to start with Secure by Design
  • Identifying the current challenges and opportunities of the adoption of Secure by Design
  • Working on robust and resilient solution architecture

Brendan Pratt
Cyber Security Consultant
Federal Government

How to Secure by Design your organisation
  • Thinking about a cyber security strategy before you need a cyber security strategy
  • Building a company culture with cyber security in mind
  • Establishing cyber security in everyday business practices
  • Educating non-technical experts to the importance of cyber security
Chris Monk
Head of Region
Networking lunch
How secure are IoT devices
  • Highlighting the risks associated with consumer IoT
  • Understanding what is really needed to secure IoT
  • Identifying the security challenges for connected devices
  • Defining security requirements for the Internet of Secure Things

Salil Kanhere
Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering
UNSW Sydney

From probably secure to provable security
  • Science proof your cyber security approach
  • Highlighting mathematical techniques such as formal methods useful to Secure by Design
  • Identifying the benefits of implementing a provable security approach from the start of a project

Christophe Doche
Executive Director
The Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub

Panel discussion – What will it take to create IoT devices with a focus on digital security?
  • How can organizations detect IoT devices breaches?
  • How to ensure IoT are Secure by Design when components come from different manufactures?
  • How to implement crypto-agility and continual lifecycle management
  • Using encryption method to ensure confidentiality



Kevin Noonan
Member, Corporate Audit and Risk Committee
Comcare & Seacare
Iqbal Gondal
Director, Internet Commerce Security Lab
Federation University Australia
Surya Nepal
Principal Research Scientist
Afternoon tea break
Using emerging technologies to secure by design
Practical ways to put your data under the microscope to understand cyber threats
  • Working with Big Data and smart tools to identify yet unknown cyber risks
  • Using Intelligence to help protect the customer and company’s data
  • Thinking about data as a tool to drive collaboration or better and more secure future

Skye Wu
Lead Discovery Analyst

Using face recognition to Secure by Design
  • Connecting the online environment with the offline environment to secure a network
  • Challenges and opportunities of using face recognition to Secure by Design an organization
  • Mapping and monitoring people as a cyber security strategy
  • Using other emerging technologies to Secure by Design

Karen Messitt
Founder & Managing Director
Optic Insights

Incorporating Blockchain in Secure by Design for IoT and Machine Learning
  • Understanding the role of Blockchain in Secure by Design
  • How Blockchain can increase security, transparency and traceability while protecting against hackers
  • Highlighting the limitations of Blockchain in Secure by Design

Greg Adamson
Associate Professor and Enterprise Fellow in Cyber Security
University of Melbourne School of Engineering

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Day One and networking drinks